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Time to Log Off? 3 Signs It May Be Time to Take a Break From Social Media

Time to Log Off? 3 Signs It May Be Time to Take a Break From Social Media...

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Liberty & “Adult Beverages”

Christian liberty is a broad subject. It is part of a larger discussion between legalist and libertines. Of course, these labels apply to extremist notions held by professing Christians. The legalist loves to forbid and is quite ingenious at finding “biblical” reasons for their ever-increasing list of things Christians cannot do. The legalist also loves to judg...

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Kingdom Advancement

My heart has really great hiding places. Right now, there are areas of pride (and other sins) in my heart that I am unaware of, and in yours too. Hidden pride is comfortable pride, that is, it’s not bothered, it’s not repented of, it’s left alone…and pride likes to be left alone. ...

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"Do not neglect your gift..."

Every believer is called to use their spiritual gifts for the good of others and the glory of God. ...

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Gathered to Worship

Without a doubt the most basic commitment we make as church members is to gather together for weekly worship. Of course, in our culture this is an extraordinary commitment. Generally speaking, people live their lives in accord with their own judgments and desires with little if any reference to God. The only thing that makes Sunday special is its “weekend-leisure time”...

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The Gospel and Vacation

Taking vacations to the glory of God...

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Midweek Encouragement for the World-Weary Christian

Mid-Week Encouragement for the World-Weary Christian ...

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No Longer Condemned But Often Convicted

What a very great promise from God’s word. All who are “in Christ” have, at this very moment, no condemnation over them. Do we believe that? Is there really, no condemnation for those who are in Christ? If there’s not any condemnation, then where does all this guilt come from?...

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Of Life and Death

This was supposed to be a joyous week for our Highview Church family. Josh and Bethany Hildebrant saw the arrival of their healthy and beautiful son, Eli. This has been a much-anticipated event in our fellowship and the news of Eli’s birth was indeed cause for great joy. However, by the weekend three Highview families had been touched by the death of loved ones. My aunt,...

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The Applicable Gospel

The Gospel is the most eternally relevant and intensely applicable message imaginable......

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Sanctification - The Joy of Sinners

The first step one takes in their Christian walk, up until their last, is a battle; a battle to put off the old man and to put on Christ (Rom 13:14). As a believer, you feel the weight and struggle of this battle daily. There are days when your sin has the high ground and victory over it seems bleak....

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Eternal Joy vs Temporal Sorrows

As a Christian, you are (right now) the most blessed and privileged being in existence and no amount of earthly sorrow changes that. Is the ocean less deep from the child who steals a cup full of its water for their sand castle? Then even more so, your eternal joy in Christ, cannot be lessened by temporal sorrows....

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What Our Lives Are Really Saying

One of the dangers we often face as Christians is a religious mindset that deceives us into thinking we are what we are not. We spend so much of our time talking about what it means to be Godly that we convince ourselves we are, simply because we talk about it a lot....

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