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Group Outreaches - Winter 2017

Over the last ten weeks, our Gospel Community Groups have been studying the Gospel of Luke. And what a wonderful time we have had together looking, week after week, to the person of Jesus Christ. One of the things we saw as we examined the life of Christ was the way He lived each moment of His life with purpose. He was a man on mission. We, as His disciples, have been called to live our lives on mission as well. Over the last ten weeks, we challenged our community groups to intentionally engaged our community with the love of Christ through acts of service.

Here’s an update on what our groups did.

Work Day at Fullerville Mission:

Fullerville Mission was created in 1987, and their desire is to spread God’s word through service to those in need. One of our small groups had a “work day” at Fullerville Mission. Their desire was to help with any practical needs they had.

Dean Leanch Small Group– Image 1 of 13


Neufeld Family Outreach:

The Neufeld family is a family in our church whose son is battling Leukemia. They are also in the process of trying to sell their house. The Neufelds small group rallied around them to help with prepping the house and getting it ready to sell.

Josh H Small Group– Image 1 of 3


Serving Our First Responders:

One of our groups took dinner to one of the local fire stations here in Villa Rica. They served the Firefighters dinner and had a time of fellowship with them.

Kyle M Small Group– Image 1 of 4


Nursing Home Visitations:

A couple of our groups visited local nursing homes to visit with and pray for the elderly there.

Bill L Small Group– Image 1 of 4