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The 4 Pillars of HighView Church represent 4 critical components of our ministry focus as a local church. Since our founding in 2013, we have committed ourselves to keeping these 4 Pillars central in the life of our church each week. 



The preaching ministry at HighView Church is committed to expositional preaching. Though we occasionally preach on a given theme or topic that will benefit our church, the vast majority of our preaching here at HighView Church is expository in nature. What is expositional preaching? Expositional preaching is the explanation of a given verse or section of Scripture in its proper context. Put simply, we work our way through books of the Bible, carefully explaining as we go and then attempt to show how to apply those truths in your daily lives. Above all, we want to show how the Bible fits together seamlessly as one book that points to the Living Word: Jesus. 



Each week, we worship Jesus through song in our two identical services (9:30am and 11:15am). All of the songs we sing our carefully selected with this over-arching criterion in mind: Does this song lyrically unpack the glorious truths of the Gospel that find their highest point in Christ. In other words, as we sing congregationally each week, we want to make sure that we are singing theologically rich truths about Jesus that will ignite our affections for Him. While our music style is contemporary and our worship ministry works hard to create distraction-free congregational worship through God-honoring musical excellence, the performance of our band is never the focal point: Christ is. 



We believe that every local church has been commissioned by Jesus to make disciples who make disciples. (Matthew 28:19-20) Discipleship is the relational process of teaching and modeling what it means to love and obey Jesus in every sphere of life. As a church, we are committed to creating an environment where these kinds of relationships can thrive. Discipleship also occurs at the congregation level, as we meet to celebrate the Gospel each Sunday, meet regularly in homes in our Gospel Community Groups and host discipleship cohorts and Bible studies. 



HighView is committed to mission-multiplication wherever God has placed us and wherever God may send us. This means that we believe every single member of HighView Church is a missionary, equipped by and sent with the life-giving message of the Gospel. To this end, we work together as members to reach our local communities and plant healthy local churches all over the world. Since we are convinced that the local church is God's Plan A for worldwide mission, our local, regional, national and global mission efforts are focused primarily on planting and supporting other local churches in those contexts.