Preached By: Terry Wofford
Text: 1 Samuel 4:1-18 (Sermons Covers chapters 4-7)



1. Eventually, God rises up against the profane.

  • What was wrong about the way the Israelites were treating the ark of God?
  • How seriously are you taking God in your life right now?
  • In what ways do we profane (cheapen or lessen) the glory of God today? 

2. Ultimately, God vindicates himself.

  • "The Lord’s judgment always paves the way for renewal and restoration for his people." How is God's judgement a good thing for his people?
  • What can we expect when God brings final judgement to the earth? 

3. Always, only the Lord can save us.

  • Read 1 Samuel 7:3-4 
  • Why is important to remember that redemption is both an individual and a corporate reality?
  • How does Samuel's ministry as a priest point to Jesus ministry as our great high priest? Read Hebrews 7:25

Next Steps

  • What would it look like for you to take God more seriously in your life?
  • Discuss how God's kindness leads us to repentance and prepares us for his coming judgment.
  • Pray as a group for a deeper since of the weight of God's glory and for a life that is worthy of Him.

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