Long Live the King

Preached By: Tyler Sweatt
Text: 1 Samuel 10



1. The King Anointed (1 Samuel 10:1)

  • Who made Saul to be King? 
  • According to Romans 13:1, who give authority to kings and leaders? How does this impact our submission to earthly leaders as Christians? 
  • How does Saul's kingship relate to God's ultimate authority and rule over his people?
  • Discuss why it matters for us to believe that the Lord is still King?

2. The King Assured (1 Samuel 10:2-16)

  • What is the significance of the signs given to Saul after his anointing? (v.7)
  • What does Saul learn about God through these signs? 
    • What is God's providence? Why is it important for us to trust in his providence?
    • Why do we ultimately need to trust God's provision for us?
    • How do we trust in God's power for our daily life?
  • What happens when we do not trust God's providence, provision, and power?

3. The King Announced

  • Read 1 Samuel 17-19. Why do you think the people of Israel forgot all of God's faithfulness to them?
  • Is remembering God's faithfulness a part of your daily reality? 
    • If yes, what impact does that have on your actions and attitudes?
    • If no, what impact does that have on your actions and attitudes?

The King We Anticipate

  • Read Revelation 4-8, what is true about King Jesus that is not true of any human Kings? 
  • Why do we anticipate the future rule of Christ?

Next Steps

1. Talk about how we can daily submit to the rule of Christ over us.
2. Talk about the areas of life where God has "extended dominion" to us (job, marriage, school, etc.). What areas do we neglect submission to the ultimate authority of God?
3. Talk about practical ways to trust God's providence, provision, and power? Where do you see him working? Where do you need grace to trust Him more?
4. Pray to be people who submit to the kingship of Jesus, repenting of false kings we exalt in his place.

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