Responding to Adversity

Preached by: Chad Williams
Text: 1 Samuel 11



The People Response to Adversity

  1. Fear
    • What is the connection between fear and forgetting the Lord? 
    • Read 2 Timothy 2:1-7. How do we live out a spirit of love, power, and self control?
  2. Searching for functional-faux saviors.
    • Pastor Chad said our faux saviors are "things you run to for comfort, safety, and identity when adversity comes."
    • What are the new or old "faux saviors" you have run to in 2020?
  3. Despair
    • "Despair is the absence of accessible hope." - Pastor Chad
    • Discuss why hope feels un reachable in the middle of adversity.

The People's Deliverer from Adversity

  1. How does Saul point to Jesus in this chapter?
  2. Why is it good news to remember we have a kind who will return to deliver us.


1. Share with the group about any adversity you are experiencing right now. Talk about the unhealthy responses you may have had to yo.
2. Discover how you can encourage one another with God's Word and the future hope we have in Christ.
3. Pray for one another that we might trust our king in the midst of adversity and run to him in time of need.  

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