Rethinking David and Goliath

Preached by: Chad Williams
Text: 1 Samuel 17




  1. What do you remember hearing about David and Goliath while you were growing up?
  2. Was there anything new or interesting that stuck out to you from this sermon? 
  3. What are some wrong ways that people view the story of David and Goliath? 
  4. How does 1 Samuel 16:7 become a key to understanding this story? 
  5. Pastor Chad taught us that this story is not a classic underdog story, as we are often taught. David is empowered with the Spirit of God. How does this change our perspective on this biblical account?
  6. What does this tell us about how we should view Jesus in relation to our enemy, sin and death? 
  7. How do we, as God's people, daily enjoy the victory that Christ has won for us? 


Prayer should be an important part of all of our group gatherings.

  1. Pray for one another
    • Members of your group.
    • Any specific needs. 
  2. Pray for HighView Church
    • Fellow church members.
    • Leaders of our church.
  3. Pray for our community and our nation.
    • The lost and hurting in our community.
    • Pray for our national leaders.
    • Pray for those affected by COVID-19. 
  4. Pray for our world.
    • For the global church.
    • For the lost around the world.

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