Friend or Foe

Preached by: Tyler Sweatt
Text: 1 Samuel 17




  1. Describe the relationship Saul has to David at the beginning of chapter 18. Why does that relationship change? 
  2. How does jealousy play a role in the story of Saul and David?
  3. Why does God's kingly authority threaten our personal autonomy and authority?
  4. How does Jonathan's relationship to David differ from Saul's?
  5. What role does risk play in following Jesus?
  6. What does it look like to submit to Jesus as king in all of life?

Next Steps

  1. Discuss as a group in what ways you are living as a friend or foe of King Jesus. What areas of life are you fighting him for control?
  2. Where do you need to repents of having a jealous or an angry spirit? 
  3. Pray as a group for the grace to submit those things to his lordship.

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