Hope in Spiritual Exile

Text: 1 Samuel 27
Preached by: Chad Williams




David in Exile: 3 Signposts on the Road to Spiritual Exile

  • What does it mean to be in spiritual exile? What does that look, or feel like in the life of a believer?

Pastor Chad listed 3 "sign posts" that indicate we are headed toward Spiritual Exile.
  1. Fear over Faith
    • What are the sources of fear and anxiety in our lives? What things seem "bigger than God" to us?
    • Pastor Chad said, "Pain you have experienced in the past can shape your spiritual life in the present." How has this been true in your own spiritual journey? 
    • Why do we need to "stop listening to ourselves and start preaching to ourselves"?
  2. Worldly security over Refuge in the Lord
    • Why do difficult circumstances drive us back to old sins? 
    • To what "worldly" securities do we often run?
    • Why are we tempted to run to what is "most comfortable  and not what’s
      the most spiritually helpful"?
  3. Seeking Success over seeking God's Will.
    • Why is worldly success so alluring? 
    • What happens to a relationship to God in a life that pursues worldly success? 


  • Take requests for prayer from your group. 
  • Pray for one another that we might trust God's promises and presence when we feel spiritually exiled.

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