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Intentional Invitation: 5 Tips of Inviting People to Church

Intentional Invitation: 5 Tips for Inviting People to Church

“Intentional” is one of my favorite adjectives. It is also a word used extremely frequently at HighView Church. In elder’s meetings, among staff and leadership, at church in conference’s and increasingly in random conversations, the word “intentional” is used with a high degree of…well…intentionality. Webster defines intentional as followed: “done in a way that is planned or intended”. To be intentional in anything is to strategize and execute in a thoughtful manner in order to achieve an objective. There is no question that Jesus was the most intentional person who ever lived. We celebrate His intentional march towards His Cross this week in fact. To be intentional does not always mean to be Christlike but to be Christlike always involves intentionality.
With that definition in mind, each person that attends church on Sunday is a product of intentionality in some way. Easter is one of the great opportunities to be intentional in our evangelistic invitations. More unchurched and non-Christians are open to attending a church service this week than any other.

Here are 5 tips to increase your intentionality in inviting people to church this week (or any week!).

1. Invite Early: in a fast paced world people’s calendars fill up quickly and quite early. This means last minute invites (which by the way are better than no invite at all) rarely enable someone to attend. Invite early in the week (Monday-Wednesday) and then follow up (Friday-Saturday). Idea: Make a list of 3 unchurched, non-Christians on a Monday and start inviting on Tuesday.
2. Make it personal: Everyone loves to be personally invited as someone’s guest. “I would love for you to come with me to church” or other heartfelt personal invitations show our genuine concern for others and demonstrate how highly we value them as humans made in God’s image.
3. Make it an event: Couple their visit to your church with lunch AFTER church or breakfast/coffee BEFORE church. One of our members offers to buy lunch for any co-worker that attends church with them. Be intentional in using this opportunity to demonstrate the open hospitality that the New Testament encourages us to.
4. Invite then Introduce: When someone attends with you sit with them and introduce them to other church members. Everyone is looking for community so use this as a chance to make connections and build relationships.
5. Follow Up: After someone visits, be willing to answer any questions they may about the Gospel or the church. Call them the next week and ask them how you can pray for them. Don’t be pushy, be caring and kind.

Again, we invite because of what we know others will hear on Sunday: the Gospel.

Chad Williams