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This coming Sunday we cover our tenth sermon in our series through the book of Matthew. It also marks the beginning of Chapter 6 in this great book. 

Before part 10, here is a recap of our Matthew series up to this point using our "ONE MAIN POINT" from each sermon to serve as a summary of what we cover each week. 


Part 1: Imperfect People and the Promises of God

Matthew 1:1-25

• ONE MAIN POINT: God uses imperfect, unlikely people to bring about His unstoppable Kingdom and to keep His unbreakable promises.

Part 2: Two Kings and the Unstoppable Kingdom

Matthew 2:1-23

• ONE MAIN POINT: Christmas reminds us that King Jesus has come to establish His Unstoppable Kingdom for His glory and the joy of His people.

Part 3: When Jesus Arrives: Repentance and the Hope of New Creation

Matthew 3:1-17

• ONE MAIN POINT: The arrival of Jesus necessitates repentance while pointing to the hope of future restoration

Part 4: Temptation

Matthew 4:1-11

• ONE MAIN POINT: Jesus victory over temptation is both the fuel for and foundation of our victory over temptation.

Part 5: What Did Jesus Do? An Introduction to the ministry of Jesus

Matthew 4:12-25

• ONE MAIN POINT: To love Jesus is to know and share His Gospel, to follow Him as a disciple and to hope in Him for future restoration.

Part 6: Blessed Are…

Matthew 5:1-12

• ONE MAIN POINT: True blessedness is the found in Jesus and freely given to us by Jesus

Part 7: You Are…

Matthew 5:13-16

• ONE MAIN POINT: Christians are given a new identity in Jesus, to influence the world for Jesus for the glory of God.

Part 8: Rules, Religion and Righteousness

Matthew 5:17-37 • ONE MAIN POINT: Christians are former, rule-breaking rebels, made righteousness-loving citizens by the Righteous King Jesus.

Part 9: Counter-Kingdom

Matthew 5:38-48

• ONE MAIN POINT: Followers of Jesus display they are citizens of His “counter-Kingdom” as they resists retaliation, exceed expectations and forgive their enemies in the midst of a fallen world.