Meet-ups are one time (or recurring events) to gather people around common interests or fun activities. Meet-ups are hosted by members and are open to anyone. Some examples of meet-ups include game nights, cook-outs, ultimate frisbee, running groups, mom's group, men's breakfast, etc.


Studies are short term gatherings for people to grow as deep disciples of Jesus. Studies are lead by members and are open to anyone. Studies can meet in-person or virtually (via zoom, Google meet, Facebook rooms, etc.) Please see the details of each study to see who it is for and when and where the study meets.

Gospel Communities

Gospel Communities are our long-term, family-like community groups intended for relational discipleship, growing in the gospel, and accountability toward holiness. Gospel Communities are lead and hosted by HighView Member and are usually closed groups. See GC description to see if it is an open or closed group.