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New Here

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Who are we?

Everything we do as a church is directly informed by the Gospel. When you attend one of our two identical services on Sunday mornings, you will see a culturally diverse congregation singing life-giving Gospel truths together. Each Sunday, our preaching ministry works its way through books of the Bible explaining the meaning of the text, showing how it applies to daily life and ultimately how it points us to Jesus. Come as you are and join us as we celebrate the Good News of the Gospel this Sunday at HighView Church.


Service time
10:30 a.m.


What do we do?

Engage. Develop. Deploy.

We believe every single follower of Jesus and every single local church is called to make disciples who then make more disciples. But how? How do we do this? We summed it up with 3 words and these words encapsulate our vision: Engage. Develop. Deploy. More information


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