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Why Build a Sending Center?     

Before one builds, one must first ask the question: Why build? As Lead Pastor, one of the truly challenging aspects of my job is making sure that the various ministries of HighView Church remain “on mission” while sharing “one vision”. Mission and vision can never be assumed. The reason for this is clear: Local Churches (and human beings generally for that matter) drift away from mission and vision, never toward mission and vision. We get distracted. We get bogged down in the daily grind. Because of this dynamic, I regularly evaluate our work as a church in light of our Engage, Develop, Deploy mission/vision strategy. Each quarter the Elders of HighView Church set aside time to ask ourselves a few important questions: Is this church engaging our community and circles of influence with the Gospel? Is this church developing deep disciples who know the God they love and love the God they know? Is this church deploying its members into their circles of influence for the sake of the Gospel? Are we doing what is necessary to ensure that we can stay committed to the vision and do we have the resources that we need to do so? These are the underlying questions that we must be asking regularly as a church. It is from this place that the need for the Sending Center began to emerge as our vision and mission became more and more clear.  Why spend all this time talking about mission and vision? Because the most important thing to know about the Sending Center project is that the Sending Center is not the most important thing! In other words, the Sending Center project is designed to be a means for achieving God’s vision for HighView Church, not an end. The mission doesn’t exist to serve a facility, the facility will exist to serve the mission.    

But how? Let me share with you 5 ways the Sending Center project will serve to advance our mission and vision to: Engage. Develop. Deploy.    

1. Promote Church Unity and Health    

The Sending Center project will allow HighView to worship together as a church family each Sunday. One church, worshipping together in one place at one time helps promote church unity and overall spiritual health and vitality. While God may continue to bring numeric growth to HighView Church that may necessitate going back to a multi-service format in the future, we do look forward to a season of worship as one body.    

2.  Provide Adequate Facilities for Current Ministries and Training   

The Sending Center project will allow us to reconfigure and use our current facility for expanding our children’s ministry and educational space. We see adequate training and classroom space as necessary if we are to be able to develop deep disciples of Jesus.  We also look forward to having more space for our seminary and bible college classes we offer through our partnership with Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. 

3. Create Space for Evangelistic Growth

The Sending Center will provide HighView Church with a seating capacity that will allow for 50-75% attendance growth in one worship service on Sunday’s. We believe the Sending Center will allow us to create a welcoming space for guests that is conducive to worship for our members. The Sending Center will create a space that invites our community to join us as we celebrate the Gospel each week!  

“Our buildings can have a significant impact on our ability to minister effectively. The shape and flow of buildings can help foster community (or inhibit it), help catalyze spiritual feelings (or diminish them), make people feel safe (or not), and help us communicate the message clearly (or make it hard to hear). Buildings facilitate ministry—hence the name “facilities.”JD Greear  

 4. Facilitate Church Planting Efforts 

If you have been around HighView for any amount of time you probably know that HighView is a church plant. HighView was constituted in 2013, just 5 years ago. As a church planter myself, I (Chad) have a passion for planting churches and serving church planters. Currently I serve as a Church Planter Coach for the North American Mission Board. In all of my interactions with church planters and the churches that send them, I have found that the healthiest church plants are planted out of the healthiest churches. Every deployment requires a home base. The Sending Center will help further establish HighView Church as a healthy church with adequate resources to train, multiply and send healthy church plants by increasing our training facilities and broadening our base. I would also add that this is not a “build now and multiply later” strategy. Over the next couple of years we will be doubling down on our multiplication efforts and planning for future church planting work!     

5. Establish a Gospel Legacy 

The Sending Center project creates a unique opportunity for HighView Church to sacrificially invest in its own vision. 3 Years ago, HighView Church benefitted from the sacrifice of Cornerstone Baptist Church when the people of CBC voted to dissolve and donate their land and building to HighView. This sacrificial act put HighView in the uniquely blessed position it enjoys today. The question remains however: How will HighView steward the various blessings we have received in abundance throughout our short history? 

The Sending Center project allows HighView to make its own unique contribution to Gospel ministry here in the West Georgia area and allows us to establish our own Gospel-legacy in this community.  This is an exciting time for HighView Church! We stand on the edge of an exciting new chapter in HighView history. In the weeks ahead, commit to praying for the Sending Center project. If you are not currently supporting the financial needs of the church, consider doing so. Pray and seek the Lord’s direction. Consider giving sacrificially with a one-time gift towards our fundraising goal (150K Goal) and consider giving regularly to our Expansion Fund. God has done a mighty work at HighView Church these past 5 years and it is my personal conviction that He is just getting started... 

Grace and Peace  

Pastor Chad